A Guide to Industrial Pendant Lighting

What Makes for Industrial Pendant Lighting? Industrial pendant lighting is part of the rage that is industrial chic style. As you might imagine, this involves materials that are often used in industrial settings—iron, glass, woods, steel, tin, aluminum, and so on. It is a design style that can be a component of a larger design, or it can be all-encompassing within one design.

As factories and warehouses began to be reclaimed in the 1960s and 1970s in bigger cities, with housing and artistic studios emerging in these spaces, the industrial chic style gained evermore in popularity. Now it is a mainstream style.

Industrial pendant lights can work beautifully in many different settings, ranging from converted warehouse living to the most traditional homes. Anything related to industrial architecture tends to be highly functional, but certainly in recent years the look has become quite popular. Think of industrial spaces and what might be desirable traits of those spaces: high ceilings, distressed woods, large windows, and open spaces—these are all settings in which industrial style would work well. However, even in a traditional home, industrial pendant lights can be perfect for hanging above a counter or kitchen island, just to name a few possible locations.

Industrial chic blends well with other styles, so you are certainly not bound to it as a strict application.

Top brands today for industrial pendant lighting in the home include Globe Electric, Nuvo Lighting, and Westinghouse.

As you consider a purchase of industrial pendant lighting, things to keep in mind include materials, adjustability, aesthetics, ease of installation, and accompanying hardware. Pendants come in a wide variety of lights, with single to multiple globes. Is your light mainly for looks or functional lighting (not that you can’t have both)? Pay attention to what the maximum strength of bulb is, for that will have a bearing on how much light is produced. Do you have a dimmable light switch? If so, make sure to use a dimmable light bulb.

Do you like a metal shade? Bronze? You can change the look around depending on what type of shade you have. If so desired, you can get fancier with a chandelier-type of light. Some lights can be plugged in, while others need to be wired in, so determine in advance what level of help you will need in installation. Make sure also that the length of cord will suit your needs.

The industrial chic style in lighting can serve many purposes, from providing efficient lighting to giving you that industrial feel with just the look you are after. There are many beautiful products to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find something that suits your tastes.

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